Project-Mate Privacy Policy

  • Project-Mate stores user's email address, first & last name and whatever data user enters into the system while in use for system functionality only.

  • Project-Mate will not share or sell user's data with/to ANYONE ANYTIME!!
  •   (We don't care if they put a gun to our head or use ancient Chinese torture methods, your data is safe)

  • Project-Mate will delete the user's data immediately from the system upon request to cancel their account.
  •   (Permanently purged and thrown into a fiery blaze to be burned until it can't be burned anymore, then burned some more, then burned again...twice)

  • In the event Project-Mate gets raided, we have a self destruct button that will wipe the system to protect data from falling into the hands of the men in black.
  •   (ok that's a lie but you get the idea.. We won't give your data to anyone.. Period)

  • Data that is transmitted from the App/Site is encrypted over https/SSL
  •   (It's also protected by a few armed guards, 2 pitbulls, Tony and his little friend. Want to say hello?)

  • Project-Mate does not log user's IP address or track user in any way.
  •   (We've got enough problems, We'll leave the tracking to the NSA)

  • Project-Mate stores a cookie or two but this is only for system functionality
  •   (Sorry, we ran out of milk. We have some bacon though.. Want some of that?)

    © 2015
    This Privacy Policy is Copyright protected and may not be used or duplicated(in full or in part) without written consent
    (We mean it.. if you steal any part of this work of pure genius of a privacy statement we will hunt you down and use our nunchaku and bow hunting skills on you)