About Project-Mate

Project-Mate was developed by Patrick Hill.

This website shouldn't even exist. When the developer came up with the idea for Project-Mate it was only going to be an Android app. Once he started developing the backend database he figured he would design a no-frills web version of the application so anyone could use it, not just Android users. The result is this web version of the app.

Project-Mate's web front-end was developed using PHP, Polymer and JavaScript. The backend was developed using MySQL. The web services for the Android app to access the data were written in PHP using the Slim Framework for REST API's and JSON. Java and Android Studio were used for the Android App. This is the first time the developer has used these technologies for a project. In the past he has worked very minimally with PHP and JavaScript but never to this extent.
His background was mostly using Microsoft Technologies like VB.NET, ASP, C# and SQL Server.