NOTICE: Project-Mate has not officially launched yet and is still in it's testing stage.
Feel free to use it but please expect bugs and if you come across any please notifiy us so we can fix it

Project-Mate is a simple completely free* service that allows you to keep track of the time you spend on projects. It's great for students to keep track of how much time they spend on a school project or even keep track of their homework assignments or for the Freelancer/Contractor that needs to keep track of and submit their time to their clients. It can even be used for employers to track what their employee's time is being spent on.

You create a project (with or without a deadline) and then you add "tasks" to that project.

Tasks are the details of the work you have to do on a project. When you create a task you give the task a name.
i.e. 'Update Website with New Design'. You then start that task by pressing a Start button and the system records the time you started that task.

When you are finished working for the time being, you hit a stop button and enter in some task details.
i.e. 'Applied the new design to the homepage, about us page and contact page'. The system then keeps track of the total hours you have spent working on each task and how much total time you have spent working on the project.
You can even email someone a detailed report from the website or "share" it through the Android app.

* Using the web version is free, there will be a one time .99 cent fee for the Android app once released but the web version is completely free to use